Kuhse DC-solenoids - high availability and increased efficiency for your system

Secure, retain, lock, lift - Kuhse DC-solenoids are available to our customers in a wide range of designs and formats for a diverse variety of application areas.

Due to their reliability and safety, Kuhse DC-solenoids are particularly well suited for application areas in drive technology for lifts and escalator production. We often have the ideal serial product in our standard range. However, if our standard models do not fulfil the requirements of our customers, we carry out tailored developments in accordance with customer wishes within a short time frame. In doing so we are naturally happy to tailor the mechanical and electrical characteristics to the requirements of our customers.


Short overview about KUHSE's product range DC-solenoids

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Overview of Kuhse´s product range in the field of solenoids

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Overview of Kuhse´s scope of supply for DC-solenoids

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